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Elmia Garden Trends
Elmia Garden Trends

Press release -

Now presenting the garden trends for 2018!

Today we are launching the new online platform Elmia Garden Trends. The website is aimed at everyone who works in the garden industry and can be used as a business tool for inspiration and purchasing support.

“There’s been a need and desire from the industry to discover the upcoming garden trends earlier in the year and to access inspiration year round,” explains Kristin Koefoed, Project Manager of the Elmia Garden trade fair. “That’s why we’re already now presenting the new website with the trends for 2018.”

The website Elmia Garden Trends presents three clear trends for 2018, which have been named Mother Nature, Mystic Garden and Urban Backyard. For each trend there are suggested plants, colour choices and inspirational photos.

Trendspotting from the industry

As well as inspiration about the coming trends, the website has a blog by writers who work in various sectors of the garden industry.

“During the year we will be continuously updating the blog with news from such sources as Swedish nurseries, the Dutch retail trade and green trends from Paris,” says Sara Åberg, Communicator for Elmia Garden.

Elmia Garden is presenting the trends for 2018, which have been developed in collaboration with Blink, the Swedish Fashion Council and Jan Rundgren. The trends are depicted visually on the website with images from the Swedish industry organisation Blomsterfrämjandet among others. The upcoming garden trends will also have a strong presence at this year’s trade fair.

“Because we’re already presenting the 2018 garden trends in digital form now, at this year’s fair we will focus more on presenting them in visual form in the fair halls and creating an experience and a mood for the visitors,” Kristin Koefoed concludes.

The Elmia Garden Trends site is mainly in Swedish but the pictures speak for themselves - a lot of inspiration!

For more information contact:
Kristin Koefoed,, +46 36 15 22 79, +46 76 548 60 92
Sara Åberg,, +46 36 15 20 49, +46 73 822 51 27



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