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Nicklas Jensen during Createshop
Nicklas Jensen during Createshop

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Wild and bushy arrangements were created during Createshop

New to Elmia Garden this year is Createshop, a workshop where 16 participants came to Jönköping to create their own unique flower arrangements under the guidance of florist and inspirationalist Nicklas Jensen.

Createshop began with a demonstration and explanation of various techniques on stage. A group of florists and student florists was then given good access to green materials and just over an hour to each create their own choice of arrangement in a glass bowl. Nicklas Jensen also shared his best tips:

“It’s important to think of dominance in terms of style and material. For example, choose one colour, form or style to dominate the arrangement,” he said.

The current trend of a natural, wild and bushy style was clearly apparent in the workshop.

“In recent years we’ve moved away from strict, compact and stylistically pure to more vegetarian and wildly growing,” he said.

He demonstrated new techniques and different choices of materials with a huge variety of materials that can be used as a base for the arrangement, including duct tape, bonsai trees and chicken wire. He also presented a number of his own arrangements to the audience and participants.

“This arrangement includes carnations, roses, spider lilies, rose hips and Dorotheanthus, all held together with red tape. It proves that you can create something beautiful with the aid of cheap plastic tape.”

Happy participant

Florist Linn Rosenstråle from Kristianstad won a participant’s place in Createshop via Elmia Garden’s Instagram competition. She showed her autumn-inspired arrangement constructed with a park slide as a base.

“Being at Createshop has been great fun and I like the fact that it’s a workshop without the pressure that comes from being in a competition. It’s great to be inspired to dare to try things out and experiment and get advice on the various constructions you can make with things like wire and tape,” she said.



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