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The forestry fair has opened and had a fantastic first day

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The forestry fair has opened and had a fantastic first day

Today the gates opened for Elmia Wood 2022 in Bratteborg south of Jönköping. It was a fantastic start with many visitors. The fair was opened by Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs, Anna-Caren Sätherberg.
“The importance of forests for the economy, jobs, climate and recreation cannot be underestimated. That’s why a forum like this, where we can come together and discuss the future of forests, is so important. It is an honour to declare Elmia Wood 2022 open!”
With these words Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs Anna-Caren Sätherberg welcomed visitors to the forest of Bratteborg outside Jönköping.

First in the long queue of eager visitors were Gunilla and Lennart Gustavsson from Kisa in Östergötland.
“Visiting Elmia Wood is the best holiday you can imagine,” Gunilla says.
“We’re forest owners and are particularly interested in new developments for small-scale forestry,” says Lennart.

Also in the line-up are forest owners Henrik Mörelius, Jörgen Holmqvist and Kennet Karlsson from Växjö, who are also looking for innovations for the independent forest owner.
“It’s always fun to see new products and follow developments. Climate and environmental issues are high on the agenda nowadays, so I think that will be the hallmark of the fair,” says Henrik Mörelius.
“Saws and hand tools are particularly interesting,” Jörgen Holmqvist adds.

Axel Sparre, Kjell Wennerbo and Thomas Andersson work for Rimforsa Skog and are experienced visitors to the fair:
“There’s a lot we’re interested in. We always come here. The company is about to invest, so we’re going to check out some different models of wood chippers. But also saws and equipment for manual forestry,” says Axel Sparre.
“Seedlings are also interesting. I’m also a bit curious about the Innovation Loop, which I’ve seen some advance information about,” says Thomas Andersson.

Many new products at the forestry fair

A machine being shown for the first time in real demos at a fair is the Dipperfox stump grinder. The powerful machine is said to be multi-compatible with attachments for various types of machines.
“It can be used on your excavator, backhoe or harvester. It operates completely hydraulically without any tricky electronics and you simply mount it on the dipper arm,” Magnus explains.
The tool’s patented gearbox automatically adjusts speed and power depending on the resistance of the stump, soil or roots.
“It operates at a low rotation speed. This makes our stump grinder safe and also incredibly effective. No large safety zone is needed and the blades rotate so slowly that all the wood chips end up right at the grinding site. If there happens to be a stone in the ground, the blades are pushed aside. Yet another advantage of the rotation speed is that noise levels are low – so it’s perfect for use in urban environments,” Magnus says.

Another exhibitor, Alstor, is showing no fewer than 10 different machines at Elmia Wood 2022. Newcomers in the stand include two machines from what Patrik describes as “the fourth generation of Alstors”:
“They are the totally new 822 with an open operator’s seat and the cab-equipped 832. They’re doing demos more or less constantly during the fair.”
The Alstor 822 is the successor to the bestselling Alstor 821.
“Operator ergonomics have been optimised with increased storage, a flat floor, improved driving position and better access in and out of the machine on both sides,” Patrik explains. “Another advantage over choosing a cab version is, of course, the price tag. But also that you gain such good visibility, plus the ergonomics when you want to get in and out often. You have the chainsaw hanging up front by the roll bar beside the driver’s seat – you want to have the machine with you by the tree that you’re felling. You can lift up the trunk to a comfortable height while you delimb and cut to length. The 822 is a great friend to have with you in the forest.”

You are welcome to meet these and many more exhibitors at Elmia Wood until Saturday 4 June.



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