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Product development with plastics design as a core competence

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Product development with plastics design as a core competence

From producing snuff containers a tenth of a second faster to developing an advanced blood analysis system. Meeting the demands of today's customers requires excellence at the very highest levels of design and simulation.

Meet Jelmtech – the first of this year’s Elmia Subcontractor Ambassadors - helping the Swedish manufacturing industry find new ways to achieve the optimum product.

Giving oxygen to industry

For Jelmtech, one day it may be developing a tailgate-mounted bike carrier with Thule, the next day it may be developing an electric vehicle charging point for Garo.

The expertise is mainly in plastic structures and that's where Jelmtech can make a difference through material choices or production methods.

Whatever the project, Jelmtech is an enabler. The oxygen in the industrial bloodstream.

- If you're small, you usually need to be specialized and our specialization is clear - we want to become even more targeted as opposed to broader. Now we have also added sustainability as a business element which sharpens us and makes it easier for us to help and guide customers to the best material choice. In order to make the right decisions, we need to have a clear overview of the whole issue, and although we are adding a business area, I think it sharpens our expertise," says Carl-Fredrik Emilsson.

Expertise makes a difference

They call themselves development partners – an extension of the customer's development department that can work more efficiently and cut lead times. All with the aim of creating the ultimate product based on the customer's requirements.

A clear example is the cooperation with Swedish Match, which produces around 300 million snuff containers every year. The product itself may not be particularly advanced, but the volume means that every second on the production line makes a big difference.

- Anyone can design a round box, but when we got the task it was to optimise the function to produce it a tenth of a second faster. That time saving means that they have earned back the cost of our development project in a very short time, says Carl-Fredrik Emilsson and continues:

Elmia Subcontractor is the heart of the manufacturing industry

An innovation arena that oxygenates the industry in Sweden and makes the domestic industry stronger in a global market.

Each year, Elmia Subcontractor appoints three ambassadors whose activities and innovative competences give Swedish industry extra oxygen and strength to develop into the future.

This year's first ambassador is Jelmtech, which works with product development in sectors such as medical technology, electrical equipment, the automotive industry, protective equipment and leisure products.

- We make tool-adapted constructions that are designed and engineered for optimal production. We think only about the product and that it should be as optimised as possible for our customer, says Carl-Fredrik Emilsson, CEO of Jelmtech.

- Elmia Subcontractor is the fair where we meet the most customers and get the best dialogue. Business is about trust and if you want to build close relationships, you have to meet. The personal meeting will therefore continue to be important in the future and the opportunity to meet so many people in just a few days is worth it’s weight in gold.

Read a longer report about Jelmtech HERE.

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