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Elmia’s Brand is Upgraded
Elmia’s Brand is Upgraded

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Elmia’s Brand is Upgraded

Light waves and gentle colors – that is the core of the upgraded brand of the Swedish trade-show organizer – Elmia. Both color and shape refer to Elmia's history as well as the future. “Green Tech”-technologies that enable a more efficient and thus sustainable utilization of earthly resources - played a key role already at Elmia´s first event, the European Agricultural and Industrial tradeshow, held in 1961, and acts as a solid base on which Elmia continuously is being developed.

- Elmia is a well renowned brand as an organizer of, and a venue for, face-to-face meetings where shared experiences and innovations lead to business development. Components of “Green Tech” innovations are present at all trade shows and events at Elmia.
It is a privilege to be able to base Elmia's continuous development on Elmia’s strong history in the agricultural and industrial fields, says Lotta Frenssen, CEO of Elmia AB.

The sober, carefully selected new colors of the upgraded brand, together with fonts and shapes, form a visual impression of nature and sustainability. It is modern yet with a classic touch. The wave shaped symbol in the picture element emphasizes Elmia's beautiful location right at the shore of the lake of Vättern.

- This is a true upgrade, there are no extreme changes. The development is more of an evolution rather than a revolution, an agile expression of the improvements we have made, and will continue to make. All with the purpose to meet our customers' present and future needs. We develop our business step by step, and therefore the brand is also refined.
I am extra proud to be able to say that most of the work with the upgraded brand has been done internally, utilizing the skills, experiences and engagement of our own staff, says Lotta Frenssen.

The development of locally produced food and beverages in the partnership with FC Gruppen is one key change that will meet exhibitors and visitors during 2019.
The existing plans to develop our venue in close cooperation with our property owners, JKPG Fast into a functional, larger and more flexible venue are well in process.
In addition, in the first quarter of 2020, an upgraded website is to be launched.

- Our venue plays a central role in the continuous work to develop existing as well as implementation of new tradeshows and events. We are constantly working to improve – all with the purpose to continue to attract visitors and exhibitors to share experiences, innovate and thus develop their business. Face-to-face meetings continue to serve as a catalyst for development and is important for Jönköping, for the region of Småland and for Sweden AB”, finalizes Lotta Frenssen.



Elmia AB deliver tradeshows, events and experiences to visitors and exhibitors on a global basis through unique market knowledge and hands on expertise in event management. Our operation is widely known as long-term, high level of service and personal commitment.

Elmia - the trade show organizer in Jönköping

Elmia AB is a leading Nordic trade show organizer and arranges shows within a wide range of business areas. We also host conferences, congresses and events.

As a meeting-place, Elmia enjoys a powerful position – at the heart of the Nordic region where people and companies either have or are looking for new ideas, products and services.

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