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Elmia Subcontractor 15-17 November 2022
Elmia Subcontractor 15-17 November 2022

Press release -

Elmia Subcontractor - the heart of the manufacturing industry

Elmia Subcontractor has come a long way. From a meeting place for subcontractors, to an innovation arena where industry news is not only showcased - but created. Now the fair is getting a new look that will strengthen its position as the heart of the manufacturing industry and at the same time signal that this is where the industry gets oxygen, energy and power to move forward.

- With an updated look and an industrial heart as a symbol, we are signalling what we want Elmia Subcontractor to be - a hub of knowledge and a vital function for the manufacturing industry. A web of contacts, ideas and solutions that are all linked together - with the heart being the engine. This will be a guiding principle for us as we continue to develop the fair going forward," says Helena Åhs, Fair Manager for Elmia Subcontractor.

The role of the fair as a knowledge hub

It is not only the industry, but society as a whole that is facing major challenges for the future - where collaboration between different stakeholders is key to managing the transition. And this is the strength of the fair.

- By highlighting the most relevant topics for the manufacturing industry of the future, showcasing good examples, and providing space for discussion and collaboration, Elmia Subcontractor creates the knowledge platform needed to meet the challenges that the industry, and society, is facing. During Elmia Subcontractor 2022, the focus will be on some of the biggest challenges facing the manufacturing industry - Industrial Sustainability, Competence, Collaboration and, not least, Smart Industry, says Helena Åhs.

A platform filled with magical meetings

By far the most important and central part of the fair is, of course, all the exhibitors and visitors who come here, with their unique expertise in their specialist areas - and it is they who create the real magic.

With the magic that comes from the meetings as the foundation, and with six months to go until the opening in November, the Elmia Subcontractor team is now gearing up even further - to deliver the show with extra everything.

Elmia Subcontractor is no ordinary trade fair - it is the heart of the manufacturing industry - where innovation and business happen right in the halls. On site. With joy. And with tomorrow's solutions in focus.

Welcome to Elmia Subcontractor - The heart of Industrial know-how

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Helena Åhs

Exhibition Manager Elmia Subcontractor +46 36 15 23 10

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