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Elmia Lastbil and VA-mässan moved to 2022

Press release -

Elmia Lastbil and VA-mässan moved to 2022

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), and the consequences for the trade show industry, Elmia is moving the tradeshows Elmia Lastbil and VA-mässan, to 2022.

Due to the current situation in Sweden, and the government’s applied meeting restrictions valid until further notice, Elmia has taken the decision to move forward both Elmia Lastbil and VA-mässan, a second time.

– The Corona virus has caused major consequences for trade fairs and the meeting industry, to an extent no one is able to imagine. To all industries, where our fairs play an important role, these consequences means a cut in business related networking and opportunities as well as presentations of new innovations. However, the implementation of each trade fair requires major preparations and planning for organizers, exhibitors and many other partners. Therefore, we are forced to already make the decision to, once again, move these two trade fairs forward, says Lotta Frenssen, CEO Elmia AB.


VA-mässan will be held March 29-31st, 2022

Elmia Lastbil will be held August 24-27th, 2022


For more information, please contact:

Lotta Frenssen, CEO Elmia AB +46 36 15 20 00



In October Elmia, together with industry colleagues, launched the site Vi ses säkert, with gathered knowledge on how to arrange safe meetings, focusing on minimizing the spread of Covid-19.

The trade fair industry, with its solid experience, has an empowering action plan for how to open up the meeting industry in a safe way. With safe meeting routines and facilities, we will play an active role in the restart of Sweden.


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