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The Scandinavian Caravan Show at Elmia in Jönköping, southern Sweden, will be showing 2023 models and marks the kick-off for next year’s sales.
The Scandinavian Caravan Show at Elmia in Jönköping, southern Sweden, will be showing 2023 models and marks the kick-off for next year’s sales.

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Another top year for caravans and motorhomes – Industry sees sales rise 20%

2022 looks like being yet another top year for the caravan and motorhome industry. But sales could have been 20% higher, if only dealers had had enough new products delivered. This is clear from an industry survey commissioned by Elmia for the Scandinavian Caravan Show.

Recent years, with their restrictions and staycations, have meant a real boost for the camping sector. Sales of caravans and motorhomes set new records in 2021, and 2022 looks set to be yet another top year. This is shown by an industry survey of Sweden’s major mobile home dealers.

“Dealers believe that 2022 will be slightly below 2021, but that the results will still be amazing. Virtually all of them say that a lack of new vehicles has been an obstacle. They say they could have sold 20% more, if only manufacturers were able to deliver,” says Klas Brandt, Elmia’s Project Manager for the Scandinavian Caravan Show.

With fewer new caravans and motorhomes on offer, sales have focused more on used vehicles. Seven out of ten vehicles sold to date this year were used, and a low stock of used caravans and campers is now a common sight among dealers.

More and more people in recent years have come to see the opportunities and benefits of mobile living. And according to the industry, buyers are in all age groups and demographics. 

– “Because of global unrest, climate disasters, heat waves, airline strikes and other issues, a lot of people are now opting for a caravan or motorhome holiday where they’re in control of their own route and destination,” says Brandt.

– “We know that the average Swede is prepared to spend money on their leisure and holiday time. I am convinced that more people than before can see that our industry offers quite unbeatable flexibility and opportunities for taking holidays,” says Brandt.

– “Nowhere else can visitors get such a readily availably overview of everything that’s on offer.”

The industry also predicts another good year in 2023, with sales 3.5% higher for motorhomes and 3.5% lower for caravans compared to 2022 – so still strong figures. While concerns such as higher interest rates, inflation and political developments could reduce people’s willingness to buy, the industry still has faith in buying power overall.

One important indicator is the Scandinavian Caravan Show at Elmia in Jönköping, southern Sweden. It will be showing 2023 models and marks the kick-off for next year’s sales.


Scandinavian Caravan Show is the natural venue for the industry as well as for all the people who love the mobile way of living. The fair is without a doubt the biggest and most influential caravan and camper show in Scandinavia. Here you will find new products, all the news from brands avalible on the swedish market, smart solutions, great offers and people who share the same interest.


Klas Brandt

Klas Brandt

Business Manager Scandinavian Caravan Show +46 36 15 21 09

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