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Unique crash tests at the fair

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Unique crash tests at the fair

A good safety barrier can save lives. During Elmia Nordic Road you have the chance to watch unique crash tests live – right on the fairgrounds.

“The maintenance of Sweden’s road safety barriers is in a neglected state,” says Anders Hamrin, sales manager at Nordic Road Safety.

The crash tests are being held twice daily during the fair on a specially built asphalted test track outside the fair halls. The first test shows how badly things can turn out if the safety barriers are of the wrong type and wrongly installed. The second text shows what happens when a collision occurs against a barrier installed correctly.

“We want to create a debate about Sweden’s Vision Zero target of no road deaths, and how important it is to have good safety barriers along the roads,” Hamrin says.

On the first day of Elmia Nordic Road there was a packed audience during the crash tests. And the difference between the two tests was great.

“In this case you could almost drive the car away afterwards even though it crashed at almost 70 kilometres an hour. This morning the driver would have been dead – if someone had been inside. It’s about calculating how hard you hit your head against the instrument panel. The safety barrier must be soft,” explains Hamrin.

What kind of reactions have you received?

“Above all, people understand these products can be a life or death issue. This is nothing to play around with. The maintenance of Sweden’s road safety barriers has been neglected and that must be fixed.”


“In this case you could almost drive the car away afterwards,” said Anders Hamrin after the Tuesday afternoon crash test at Elmia Nordic Road.



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