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New products with added value

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New products with added value

Splendor Plant presented its new First Edition series at Elmia Garden. Grown in a plum-coloured pot, the bright, beautiful plants in lovely colours are equally well suited to public spaces and private gardens.

“Product development is a large part of our job and when we develop new products our focus is to find plants that offer something more and give the series added value – a berry with a new, refreshing taste or a plant that produces more flowers,” says Sven Andersen, a sales rep for Splendor Plant.

The plants include roses, bushes, climbing plants, trees and coniferous plants, all carefully test grown.

The First Edition series features better growth, colourful flowers and improved hardiness or health. It is grown by a network of about 70 nurseries in the US and seven selected ones in Europe, of which Splendor Plant is one.

Located in Skåne, Splendor Plant is a family-owned company that runs one of Scandinavia’s biggest nurseries. The plants are grown at the company’s own facilities in Svanshall and Bläsinge either in pots or in open fields.

“We’ve exhibited at Elmia Garden for many years and we find it to be a good meeting place, above all for attracting new customers and ones we don’t have time to visit during the year,” Andersen says.


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