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Leax see business opportunities with Subcontractor Connect

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Leax see business opportunities with Subcontractor Connect

Are you looking for a supplier? Or a company to supply to? Then Subcontractor Connect is the arena for you.

“Rather than having to browse through a fair guide, Elmia now offers new business opportunities on the actual exhibition floor,” says Lars Gustafsson, Senior Commodity Manager at Leax Group.

The concept is a relatively simple one. Subcontractor Connect brings together representatives from different companies for short, customised meetings, the aim being to find commonalities that can lead to firm collaborations and real business.

“It’s an excellent matchmaking forum. It’s not just about finding those large business partners, you can also find small-scale, peripheral suppliers that broaden your supplier base,” says Mr. Gustafsson.

“The fact that it’s also a way to promote the company and our stand is a big bonus. We often meet a company at the matchmaking booth, and then carry on the discussion at our stand.”

Last year, 245 meetings were arranged between 114 participants from 16 countries over the two days of the matchmaking event. But even when the meetings don’t lead to business straight away, the meetings are very important.

“The majority lead to contacts after the fair, with requests for tender. Last year we had six or seven meetings booked, and four of them were tremendously productive. The others were long shots, but it is possible to get something out of these ones too. They may know about other companies in the industry that it’s worth connecting with or being recommended.”

Leax Group supplies to sectors including the automotive industry, and has a total of ten factories worldwide, four of which are in Sweden. Mr. Gustafsson finds it positive that several of the participating companies are from abroad.

“It’s primarily foreign companies we’re after. We always strive to open up our existing supplier base to competition, and the foreign or new, active Swedish companies are the ones we try to book in first.

“It may for instance be a South Korean company on a new market for us. Even though it may not be a perfect match, it’s always of interest to chat, listen and learn something from their future plans, and get an insight into their domestic situation and development.”

What are you looking for this year?

“We want to expand our customer base and discuss the supplier’s view of the market. The fair itself develops the industry, providing opportunities for collaborations, while the breadth of the matchmaking event leads to more exciting contacts. If we don’t find a new supplier, then for us at least it’s an ideal opportunity to exchange information,” says Mr. Gustafsson.

Nine out of ten companies from last year’s matchmaking forum said they would like to take part again. That may sound like a high rating, but Mr. Gustafsson believes that even more companies can benefit from the Subcontractor Connect arena.

“Many exhibitors don’t take part in the event, which I think is a shame. There are real opportunities here to forge new contacts and also promote your company, without much effort.”

Elmia Subcontractor Connect

Subcontractor Connect is the arena for meetings between buyers and suppliers from around the world. A unique opportunity for companies in the manufacturing industry to find new contacts and do business together. The event is held on 12 and 13 November, and is based on two companies meeting and presenting themselves in sessions lasting 25 minutes.

Connect in figures

  • 62% of all meetings are expected to lead to further contact.
  • 83% of participants thought the service before and during the event was excellent or good.
  • Nine out of ten companies want to take part again.
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